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The accounting program that allows you to work efficiently and flexibly with a wide range of functionality.

Economics and accounting program online

With the 24SevenOffice accounting program, financial management becomes simple, efficient and transparent with the help of modern technology. It is designed so that your company can tailor workflow and routines to suit their needs, so that you can easily replace unnecessary manual tasks with automated processes.

The accounting program is a complete and flexible solution where you have a full overview of all processes related to the company's finances and accounting at all times, fully integrated in one place - in the cloud.

Fully digital voucher reception The invoice reception handles and reads all invoice formats. With just a few keystrokes, both registration and posting of vouchers will take place automatically

Fully integrated with bank and Altinn Complete all payments and submit VAT statements with a code from Altinn, directly from the accounting program

Always access to updated accounts You and your accountant work transparently in the same system in real time, at no extra cost. The auditor also has free user access

Effective voucher flow and continuous approval of vouchers from mobile Forward vouchers on the attestation flow, so that the right person can approve the right voucher, before they proceed to bookkeeping and payment