Make your workday easier

Use integrations in Ordrestyring and make your workday easier, so you can focus on what you think is the most fun.


Integrations that help you with your finances.

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With the 24SevenOffice accounting program, financial management becomes simple, efficient and transparent with the help of modern technology. Try free for 14 days.



Billy over financial overview. You can e.g. use the program to save receipts with your mobile, send invoices and settle VAT - with just one click!

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Equity automates companies' payment reminders so they get paid faster and save valuable time



Connect FarPay to your accounting system and automate your bookkeeping. Send payment links to your customers so they get a good payment experience every time.

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Fortnox is a cloud-based platform for the needs of small businesses and accounting firms for programs and services to manage their finances efficiently.



Meneto is a complete accounting solution at a fixed low price. Get rid of the hassle of accounting today and get rid of worrying about debit, credit and accounting again.


OS Strax

With OS STRAX, you get the money into your account immediately. Send your invoice and you will receive your money within a few hours.

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Tripletex makes accounting smart, simple and efficient. Tripletex is modular, and you choose which modules are combined to suit your company's needs.



Uniconta is a complete and cloud-based financial system that gives your company control over finances, warehousing and logistics.


Visma Dinero

Dinero is an online accounting program created specifically for entrepreneurs and small businesses, and offers 1-click bookkeeping, so you save time and effort.

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Visma e-conomic

Invoicing, VAT, reporting and bookkeeping are easily handled in e-conomic. Used by more than 130,000 companies and speaks perfectly with Order Management.

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Visma eAccounting

Visma eAccounting makes accounting and invoicing easier and more efficient, so you can focus on what really matters - your business.

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Xledger is an all-in-one system for finances, accounting, banking, projects, timekeeping, outlays and purchasing.


Additional helpful integrations for your work tasks.

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Anmeld Håndværker

Reviews build trust with (potential) customers – so if you're not already collecting recommendations, get started today.

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Norway's largest platform for housing documentation. You link all information to the cadastral register and ensure that the information is transparent and available for the future.

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Scan the customer's electrical panel with the Digital House Installations Map and get access to the home's digital electrical drawings.

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Gas Service

Receive Gas Service orders, which you can convert into cases in Ordrestyring.

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Hour Approval

Use our Hour Approval addon to approve employee hours. Adding this module you will also be able to transfer the hours to the salary addon if added.

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Jublo is an online communication platform that assists craftsmen, producers and housing associations.

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KlarCalc is the market's fastest, easiest and most user-friendly calculation system!

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KlarPris gathers your suppliers in one place so that you get a complete overview of the market and can easily save time and money when shopping.


OS Hub

OS HUB is a new function in Ordrestyring that allows you to communicate with your customers directly in the system.

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With PARKPARK you will get all of your parking costs directly on the cases in Ordrestyring, as soon as your parking is done. Easy, user-friendly, and efficient!

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Rackbeat is easy and intelligent inventory management, which ensures that you avoid unnecessarily high capital ties.

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Service and Installations

With the Service and Installations module, you will be able to get an overview of your service agreements and plan them in advance.