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KlarPris is a marketplace for craftsmen. See and compare suppliers in one place.

The construction industry's preferred purchasing portal

More than 5,000 craftsmen already use KlarPris to optimize their purchases. The purchasing system gives you a full overview of suppliers and calculates your net prices, so you save time and money.

Take your shopping to the next level From calculation of net prices to purchasing analyzes across your suppliers. KlarPris is the complete tool for optimizing your shopping.

All suppliers in one place Get suppliers and goods together in one place, so you don't have to visit several different webshops when shopping.

All in net prices Pack away the calculator and leave to calculate prices with your suppliers. KlarPris does it for you.

Automatic invoice control Save time checking invoices. The invoice analysis checks your invoices so you can quickly see if there is an error.

Automatic invoice control The invoice analysis compares your invoices with your discount agreements and checks whether you have been invoiced correctly. If there are errors on an invoice, you will be able to see it in the overview.

The invoice analysis takes campaigns, offers and changing prices into account, so there is no maintenance for you.

At any time, you can get in-depth details about errors, as well as download a report that shows where the error occurred. The report can be sent directly to the supplier for correction of incorrect invoicing.