Value-added and flexible solutions for payroll, HR, time registration and shift planning

Optimize your business with the right IT solutions for administration

  • Payroll systems that facilitate administration and save resources
  • Professional and efficient HR administration
  • Streamlined recruitment and onboarding process
  • Time registration that creates an overview
  • Online shift planning via web and app
  • Flexible tools that reduce manual routines

Lessor - your way to easier employee administration

The employees are a company's most valuable investment, and we believe that makes the work with payroll and HR one of the most important functions in a company.

At Lessor, we want to contribute with a sense of security and more job satisfaction for those of you who work with the important tasks within payroll, HR and personnel administration.

Our user-focused software solutions for payroll and HR work increase efficiency, quality and security - and cover everything about the company's personnel from employment until resignation.

In short, we help you to be a professional employer.