OS Vehicle

Get control of all vehicles directly in Ordrestyring

With OS Vehicle you can get control of:

  • DOCUMENTATION: With OS Vehicle, you know exactly how long your employees have been consulting with a customer. You can give your customers precise arrival times and then invoice them correctly. This creates increased transparency for your customers and also improves the service provided.

  • ADMINISTRATION: OS Vehicle is a part of Ordrestyring and integrates with all our other features. If you are already an Ordrestyring user, then your data regarding vehicles, tasks and employees is automatically recorded with your other data. This saves you a lot of time recording the number of kilometres driven, working hours, arrival times, etc. This provides a better overview and less administration.

  • POSITION: Via GPS tracking, you always know which employees are closest to an urgent task, thus saving time driving back and forth.

  • INSTALLATION: You can easily and quickly install OS Vehicle on any vehicle - from cars, vans, trailers, and tractors to diggers, etc.

  • THEFT: Should one of your vehicles be stolen, you can easily find the vehicle again using GPS tracking.